Text AMA with UniteVerse

27 October 2022
Q1. Please begin by giving us a brief Introduction of yourself and the team behind GameGuru. What is it about and Can you tell us about the inspiration that got it started?
Hello Everyone,
Firstly, allow me to introduce myself properly. My name is Yassir, I am 27 years old Food engineer, digital marketer and founder of GameGuru. After graduating as a food engineer (2018) and getting my marketing diploma in France (2019), I launched Marketing Guru, a Digital Marketing Startup specialized in emailing (2020). Since that day, we have achieved a three million Euros Gross revenue in just two years.
But before that, and since as long as I can remember, I was always a gamer. My friends and I used to spend insane hours playing online MMORPG and different console video games. And like every other gamer, at some point, we had to get our hands-on digital gaming products, whether it was in-game credit, subscription or top up cards, from the well-known marketplaces.
That was my first interaction with the industry and the beginning of a very long set of frustrations. That didn’t stop me from seeing the potential of the industry as it became a side hustle for me for a few years. Unfortunately, when I switched to the seller side and became a vendor in those marketplaces, the problems got to a whole other level. Back when I was still a customer, I was always intrigued why some products cost more than their nominal value. For example, you can find 50 euros top up cards selling for 55 or 56 euros. At that time, I didn’t quite understand the reason behind this, but things were much clearer when I was the one selling them. These marketplaces impose enormous fees on their vendors, which negatively affect the final price.
The second issue we faced as customers, which is a massive downside, is the fact that some products sold in these marketplaces are fraudulently obtained. You can google right now “Grey Marketplace Gaming” and you will find many articles about this.
Many developers have called to have their games pirated, since they receive little-to-no revenue from sales made on these marketplaces. People end up with hacked and pirated digital products all the time, since anyone can become a seller on these marketplaces. (Article)
Third issue, and this is something that international users will certainly have dealt with. I was based in Morocco at the time, and since most of these marketplaces are using centralized payment methods. The concern of fraud and payment reversals is high. So, they implement complex algorithms with overly sensitive detection parameters that block legitimate purchases on suspicions of fraud. So, a lot of my orders will get refunded just because of my IP address. This is why, they all have a payout freeze of 14 days before sellers can withdraw their funds.
The list goes on, I have detailed all of these in the Current limitations chapter of our Whitepaper, feel free to check it for more details.
That being said, around 3 months ago, all the frustration endured pushed the idea of GameGuru to grew on me. I had enough experience and insights from all the years that I spent in the industry. The Crypto Marketplace development began on August and contract was deployed on October. Since then, we have been working none stop to bring this project to life.
As for our newest member of the team, Nicolas Durand, he's our UIX Designer & Creative Developer. He has been working in Kryxivia, a 3D NFT Multiverse MMORPG Web Game, since 2021. He's also the one behind the website of the well-known crypto project UNICRYPT NETWORK.
You will find his signature (Designed by nuixw) in the footer of the Unicrypt website and ours.
Q2) Now, to the business of the day, GameGuru as we see is The First Crypto Marketplace for eGift cards and Digital Gaming Products, what products and services do you offer, and with What benefit(s) to users?
The GameGuru project revolves around two main components: The Crypto Marketplace and the Token $GGT.
GameGuru Crypto Marketplace will enlist thousands of digital gaming products and eGift cards sourced only from top vetted European wholesale suppliers. Through API integration with the suppliers, all products will be instantly delivered and ready to download.
Procurement is a vital aspect of the project. That being said, we have already secured one of the biggest wholesale suppliers in Europe and started integrating their API into our marketplace. We will continue growing our vetted network of suppliers with an end goal of reaching directly the video game editors and the brands behind the eGift cards.
Furthermore, GameGuru relies on its GGT token (BEP-20) to provide a faster, safer and cheaper way to purchase your favorite digital goods, avoiding payment gateway fees and the risk of payment reversals. The results are prices 15-25% cheaper than what's offered in the current marketplaces.
Token holders will also receive a portion of the profit made by the marketplace, distributed automatically every month, depending on the percentage held by the wallet from the total supply. The remaining part will be used to finance the continuous development of the project.
Q3) Please provide us detailed information about $GGT Tokenomics and Function on GameGuru platform. Do tell us a little about your Marketplace and its Commission to holders as well.
GameGuru token (GGT) is the native digital currency of the GameGuru marketplace. It is based on Binance Smart Chain’s BEP-20 token standard. There is a fixed total supply of 100 Million. The contract is audited by one of the top firms in the industry. You can find the audit and all the details in our website: https://gameguru.gg
Our token allocation is the following:
● Public Sale: 60% of the total supply
● Reserve (Legal, Marketing, Marketplace Dev, and operations): 18% of total supply, vesting 12 months
● Team and advisors: 5% of total supply, vesting 24 months
● LP Liquidity: 4% of the total supply
● Exchange Liquidity: 13% of the total supply
Our team tokens and Reserve token are vested for a period of time to assure our investors (two years and one year respectively).
Q4) Discussing partnerships, Can you also tell us about your current partners, and who are also your prospective partners? Also Provide us with some brief Information regarding Security.
Thank you for this important question as this is a crucial aspect of our project.
We constantly try to keep our community informed of our partnerships, so I urge you all to follow our Twitter account for any updates.
Currently, we’re pleased to announce that we have already signed a listing agreement with a major exchange, P2B. The listing will occur in the middle of November. CEX exchanges offer us a great deal of media coverage and will attract more investors to the project.
Furthermore, we have already secured one of the biggest wholesale suppliers in based in the Netherlands and started integrating their API into our marketplace.
We are also discussing with Seier Capital regarding a grant to cover the integration cost of our project into their Concordium Blockchain, the only blockchain with identification built into their protocol and designed to meet regulatory requirements (KYC & AML). Seier Capital also invest heavily in blockchain projects and may invest later into the project after the grant process. That would certainly have a huge positive impact on the project. The insights and the network offered by such investment groups are far more valuable than the financial aspect.
Regarding our marketing, we are also negotiating a contract with one of the top marketing agencies in the crypto ecosystem, Tokensuite. They helped over 300 blockchain projects and with hundreds of partners and influencers on their network.
Q5) Lastly, Please give us a summary of your Q3-Q4 2022 highlights and what major news should we look forward to from GameGuru for 2023 and beyond.
As I said before, the idea phase started about three months ago. We started working on the Crypto Marketplace in August, and it will be available by the end of November.
We have the CEX listing coming by the 15 of November. Thereafter, we will fast track our listings both in Coinmarketcap and Coingeko. By the end of 2022, we will be up and running, making some great numbers in our crypto marketplace.
Starting January, a part of the profits generated by the crypto marketplace will be going to our token holders. Then we have Stage 2 of the CEX listing, with tier 1 crypto exchange listings such as Gate.io, Bitmart and Phemex.
Finally, by the end of 2023, we believe we can grow enough traction to attract a user base of at least 200k users.
Twitter Q1) I read on the website that Gameguru has been in eGift card business for many years and have seen the many limitations of the current system. Well then, Can you tell us how you plan to tackle these?
I believe that the objective held by our project is the solution to the many limitations we listed earlier.
Our mission statement is:
Cheaper digital gaming products and eGift cards. By waiving all the commissions and fees imposed in the traditional marketplaces, we can offer competitive prices far less than what’s currently offered.
Risk-free products sourced since all our products are sourced from vetted European wholesale suppliers.
Instant product delivery guaranteed through crypto transactions’ irreversibility and API integration with the suppliers.
Rewarding our token holders monthly with a portion of the profits generated by the crypto marketplace.
Twitter Q2) I read something about “Zero-risk products” on the website. How is this possible, and how can buyers take your word for this?
Thank you for this interesting question. And like I said before, sourcing is a crucial aspect of the project. Being able to provide risk-free products is one of the major reasons behind the creation of the project.
To achieve that, we will be integrating only vetted wholesale suppliers into our crypto marketplace. Our vetting process will be very selective and will include routine inspections, KYC and be open to few companies that are already well established and can provide an API. We have already secured the first one, providing us with more than 2600 eGift cards and digital gaming products. They will be more to come!
Twitter Q3) On the roadmap, I see that by October you have deployed the contract. Have you done any Audits for security?
Yes, as I have already mentioned earlier, security is an important aspect for our project. The contract has been audited by one of the top audit firms, Cyberscope. You can find the report here.
We will also be hiring web security firms and launching a bug bounty program to secure our crypto marketplace, making sure our users are always safe when using the platform.