Our roadmap is the pathway of the future. Toward a Web3 digital marketplace that specializes in the sale of digital gaming products and eGift cards.
Deployment of Contract (October, 2022)
Whitepaper and Pitch Deck (October, 2022)
Website Launch and Marketing Efforts (October, 2022)
Coinmarketcap and Coingecko Listing (November, 2022)
Farming launch (November, 2022)
Certik Audit (November, 2022)
Stage 1: CEX Listing (November, 2022)
Marketplace Launch (Phase 1) (November, 2022)
Marketplace Improvement and Marketing efforts (Q1-Q3 2023)
GEURO Presale (April 2023)
Staking Launch (Q2 2023)
P2P Launch (Phase 2) (TBA)
Stage 2: Tier 1 CEX Listing (TBA)