GameGuru Value Proposition

GameGuru is the first crypto marketplace for eGift cards and digital gaming products.
The platform enlists thousand of digital gaming products and eGift cards sourced only from top vetted European wholesale suppliers. Through API integration with the suppliers, all products are instantly delivered.
Sourcing the products is a vital aspect of the project. That being said, we have already secured one of the biggest wholesale suppliers in Europe and started integrating their API into our marketplace.
Furthermore, GameGuru relies on its GGT token (BEP-20) to provide a faster, safer and cheaper way to purchase your favorite digital goods, avoiding payment gateway fees and the risk of payment reversals. The results are prices 15-25% cheaper than what's offered in the current marketplaces.
Token holders will also receive a portion of the profit generated by the marketplace through farming and staking. The remaining part will be used to finance Buybacks-and-burn and the continuous development of the platform.
Our mission statement is:
● Cheaper digital gaming products and eGift cards.
● Risk-free products sourced from vetted European wholesale suppliers.
● Instant product delivery guaranteed through crypto transactions’ irreversibility and API integration with the suppliers.
● Rewarding our token holders monthly with a portion of the profits generated by the crypto marketplace through farming/staking.
The equation is simple as this :
No Chargebacks + No Payment Gateway Fees + Zero Commissions
Cheap Products + Instant Delivery + Hassle-free Customer Experience